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Indigo Terminal Emulator is the premier terminal emulation software for the Windows platform.   Indigo Terminal Emulator is a powerful terminal based communication software for telnet and serial terminal communications.  Indigo offers many tools and features that are unmatched in other terminal software solutions. These features include the ability to display received data in multiple byte representation formats such as ASCII, DECIMAL, HEXADECIMAL, OCTAL, BINARY, or a user defined custom format.  Indigo supports VT100 and Linux terminal emulation protocols as well as a raw data view for non-terminal emulation connections.  Indigo supports scripting and simultaneous connected terminal sessions.  Indigo is a complete replacement for TELNET and HYPERTERM ®.  Please visit the features page for more details on what Indigo has to offer.  

PDF File / Hard Copy

If you would like to download the Indigo User's Guide as a PFD file, please use the table below to select the appropriate link.

Indigo VersionHard Copy (PDF)
Latest ReleaseIndigo Users's Guide (PDF)
Archived Versions
3.0.150Indigo Users's Guide (PDF)

Table of Contents